Ode to Sister Maya Angelou…

To a woman who was a great influence on me, many little girls turned women like me, and will be for many generations to come…


Broke down like a BABY and cried for about 5 minutes when I came across this one…I am not normally moved when someone passes even in my own family, I knew she was sick, I knew it was not going to end well. Then I hear the news of her passing, I was floored, as if I hadn’t expected it, and it truly meant to me a changing of the guard. There is a new form of ‘Black consciousness/behavior” portrayed in media, that I do not agree with, nor do I think it represents us either. Her death to me, signifies end of an era…and the thought made me so sad I was moved to tears. We don’t carry our ancestors with us, in this generation I am born into (30 years old), and that makes me wonder what kind of cultural heritage we will leave behind?





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