5 thoughts on “How WE Feel in 2014

  1. I served as a diversity leader at my college and we worked on doing a stand against microaggressions as well. It is a pressing issue and the college begins to see an issue forcing them to respond.

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    • That is how I feel too! I believe it is important to continually highlight the lack of progress (whilst there is still “progress”. So we never rest on our laurels…”carry our ancestors with us”. I love this one, because I have discussions on my FB with people (I post quite a bit about racial/injustice everywhere), about the very things mentioned by these college students. However my non-Black friends are always trying to rebut me, so when I came across this one, I was like SCORE; because now I had images of quite a few people color saying the same things I was saying. Furthermore they were doing it because they were feeling oppressed in their academic institutions, thus prompting the projects, and making the point all the more resounding. I say you can argue with me all day, but you cannot argue with un-doctored images. 😉


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